In 1980 Dolly joined Hungaria. In this formation they reached records: 2 platinum and 4 golden discs. In 1983 26th June the band transformed: Dolly Rol was born. Their record called "Holiday" was proved-up and they got to the top of hungarian pop music in no-time. "Holiday"was golden disc (100000 copies) in three months and platinum disc (250000 copies) in two months. Their fame was well swinged by the concert arranged in Budapest Coliseum and the tour in 1984 with 50 shows. In the following years they collected four golden, one platinum and one diamond discs (1000000 copies).Further concert at Coliseum, further tour. They get hundreds of letters weekly and their fan club is also fulled each week. In 86-87 the formation changed, Richie became the new member who plays the drums and sings. The introducing album of the renewed band - Life is a plaything- and the disc introducer tour in the whole country started another series of success and they got their next golden disc immediately. The next album's title is: The heart is thumping. Their public was surprised because this one succeeded to harder and more rocky. Their another album - the Hungarian version of "Those were the days" got to the top of hitlists in a week - of course it became golden disc too. In these times they were asked by Rock Theatre to write and play the songs for the play: "A palm if claps" which is the stage arranged version of Anthony Burgess's world success novel: One hand clapping. They also set an album of these songs named "Double or nothing". In 1990 there were new changes: they remained four and licensed to an other publishing company. Their success in unchanged.Their second treatment album was released with the title: "Wake up my heart" and it also got up to platinum disc. The album "It was long ago it was nice" containing their own songs is also golden disc. In these years they released albums in each half a year. The discs following each other are various which is prized with numerous purchasing by their fans. A surprising turning in the triplet's life: in '92 they invited Wanda Jackson the Rock 'n' Roll Queen of the 50's and made an album together with her. Wanda accepted their invitation and came to Budapest to record the songs: "Let's have a party" "Tweedle dee" and "Stupid cupid". They were through with this album called "I invite you to Rock 'n' Roll". One of the best made songs of the disc is "Rip it up" which was written in both languages - Dolly and Wanda sang it together.Wanda sings alone the hit named "Too late". They presentated this album at the Marching Square - the biggest square of Budapest - to more than 100 000 people. In 1993 they licensed to PolyGramm publishing company. For their next album they searched for intrant younglings to take part on "Beat Turmix '60". An the end of the year "Tipi Tapi Dino" was released which was made for children. The big success of Beat Turmix '60 provoked them up to make a new treatment album that contained latiner songs. Popocatepetl Twist became the big hit. In 1994 the "Tipi Tapi Party" was made after the fashion of "Tipi Tapi Dino". In 1995 Hungaria was requicken for a nostalgia concert when Dolly and Kékes Zoli joined the band too. The concert was organised in Public Stadium and there were 90 000 people. This time Richie is a broadcaster at Music Top TV which has just started. In 1996 they wrote the music of the Hungarian Olympic Team and their album's title is also: "Atlanta Rá-Rá-Rá Hajrá!". Liven up on the success of the previous two Tipi Tapi albums they issued the song "Tipi Tapi Tamagochi" on their album named "Tipi Tapi in Fableland". This hit was made in more languages. In 1998 at the 15th anniversary of Dolly Roll's foundation the original team came together to give a superconcert at the Coliseum. The musical collection of this concert was released on CD as "Holiday '98 Concertalbum" too. In 1999 they rewrote famous operettas in Dolly Roll's style. The album' title is "Poperett". They have been on tour in Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Rumania, Italy, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Bohemia.> They gave a show even in New York. Countless live concerts, showvarieties, festivals. In 16 years they collected 15 gold, 3 platinum, 1 diamond discs, Standard Prize, Emerton Prize, Huszka Prize, 1st place on video competition (The heart is thumping) and they sold 3 millions of their albums. In Europe and Hungary Dolly is one of the best-known and best voiced singers. In autumn of 2000 Dolly's first indepedent album is in the shops named: Tear and smile. This disc is a real authorical creation: she wrote the songs and lyrics, instumented and sang all the songs. A career like this cannot be recorded only in music there have to be words and letters for the after-ages. It was the reason why a story book about Dolly's life was released titled: Dolly Wood Story. It is about events before and after 1980 of course through Dolly's point of view with lots of stories, workshop secrets and pictures that cannot be seen until now. Obviously a book like this cannot be released without music so this one is together with a mini CD what contains a new song only for the readers. In November of 2001 Dolly took part at a special concert together with Csepregi Éva, Vincze Lilla and Zoltán Erika. Hanyecz Éva the dreamer of this performance is vaunted by professional organisation that she provided beyond scoring and beautiful stage-set the showdresses, hairdresser and maker-up which were suitable to the special personality of the performancers. This concert was fixed by the television. Dolly Roll spent New Year's Eve in 2001 in Melbourne as the first station of an Australian tour. In one month they gave several concerts in big cities with big success (Melbourne, Sydney, Goldcoast, Wollongong). Between their shows there remained a few time to relax. Of course they used it to discover the remarkablenesses and animals of Australia like: coalas, kangaroos, emus, sharks. They plan a video of their experiences which were fixed by Zoli's camera.